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While many of us have had our fill of politics, there is always something going on that impacts our community almost daily. From City Hall to the White House, Rick Murray takes a satirical look at what’s happening on the political scene. NOTE: This column is no longer updated.

The Situation December 17, 2009

GOProud   Apparently gay conservatives were not getting enough grief as Log Cabin Republicans – some felt the incongruity between their political...

The Situation December 10, 2009

The War on Christmas Has Begun! Actually, like anything else related to the holidays, the War on Christmas began back in...

The Situation November 19, 2009

Holy?! ¢atholic ¢haritie$ The Archdiocese of Washington (a division of the Catholic Church, Inc.) has threatened to take its ball...

The Situation November 12, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane More Electile Dysfunction - Last week’s elections were a mixed bag...

The Situation November 5, 2009

Halloween’s Over: The Bats Want Their Guano Back   Hide & Seek - Now that President Obama has signed...

The Situation October 22, 2009

He’s Done it (Again)! - Between losing the Olympics for Chicago, winning the Nobel Peace Prize and expressing his support for LGBT rights...