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An Interview with Drag Sensation Natalie Nayles

Photos by: Allison Tran, DJ DLux, Cara Cavalli and Black Haus Photography 

What was the first drag show you saw and tell us about the experience?

My first drag show was at firestone watching Maya Andrews and a few backup dancers doing a Beyoncé mega mix and I thought I literally had just witnessed the Messiah it was so flawless.

When did you decide you want to do drag and when did you realize it would be a profession?

I was always working in the club scene and being surrounded by men and dresses and I really just fell in love with the performing aspect and the transformation. I got put in drag for a “turnabout” event at southern nights and no shade I was gorg [sic] and performing was so much fun I knew in that moment That I was gonna make this a serious profession.

Who is your drag mother and how did she become your mother?

I’m lucky enough to have two drag mothers, Jade Embers and MrMs Adrien. Adrien was the first person to ever put me in drag and really just teach me the craft of stoning outfits, making mixes choreographing numbers etc. Jade really spent so much time with me perfecting my makeup and trying to really creative my own brand of performing styles and noticing what I was good at. Both have been nothing short of incredible mentors and mothers.

Who is your favorite queen(besides your drag mother) and why?

I have ALOT to be honest, but Roxxxy Andrews is hands down my favorite drag queen. She isn’t only my best friend, she has been such an incredible mentor and guide to get to where I have gotten today. Not to mention her skills in makeup, hair, costuming and performing are incredible and admirable. I wanna be like her when I grow up no shade.

What is your favorite number to perform and why?

YA GIMME THAT GOOD THANGGG (my friends will get that joke)!

Honestly I don’t repeat too many songs but I absolutely love performing dialogue from YouTube videos. It’s more of a comical vibe and allows me to really make a humorous connection with the audience. But normally I just love performing Ariana or cute pop songs that are super stereotypical but hey, I like it!

What is the best thing that has happened to you in drag?

I have been extremely fortunate and blessed in my drag career and it has only been two years since I’ve started drag. Walking for Marco Marco last year in Miami was probably the most gratifying and humbling experience I’ve ever had. It was unreal feeling like such a supermodel and getting to walk on a runway amongst drag legends.

What differentiates you from other queens (what makes you unique)?

I’m a butch Barbie. I’ll give you biceps and bawwwdyyy [sic]. I like to think of myself as a WWE female wrestler.

What does the future hold for Natalie Nayles 

Staying humble and thankful to everyone who continues to book me and help me on this twisted journey. RuPaul would obviously be amazing and I’m going to continue to try out so keep your eyes peeled! But realistically I’d love to maintain the reputation I’ve earned and stay as humble as possible and hopefully inspire people in our community to try and experience the art of drag! You see that pageant answer yasss (but I’m serious).

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